The Sunglass Guy warrants to the purchaser that the sunglasses shall be free from defects in materials, components, or workmanship for the lifetime of the purchaser. We agree to replace the sunglasses for ½ the price of the original retail price. The purchaser may ship the sunglasses to us along with a check or money order. This offer also extends to those customers who break or damage their sunglasses as a result of negligence.

How To Use The Warranty

There are 2 simple ways to submit a warranty:

1. Visit us in person! We are always happy to warranty your sunglasses in person. It also makes it easier to substitute a style we may be out of stock on or is discontinued. see our Show Calendar to see when we will be in you area.

2. Mail them to us: PO Box 1396, Newport WA 99156. If we need to substitute your style due to being out of stock, or discontinued, we will either pick the next closest style, of if you provided your cell number, we can send photos with options for substitution. 

Depending on our show schedule, it may take 7-10 business days for us to mail back your replacement pair.

What does the Warranty Cover?

Our warranty covers any manufacture defects, including accidentally breaking your sunglasses. The most important part is, we need the broken sunglasses when doing the warranty in person or by mail.

We have had warranty submissions for: dog chewed on them, kids broke them, sat on them, dropped an anchors on them, ran them over and more.

Does the Warranty Cover Scratched Lenses?

No, the warranty doesn't cover scratched lenses.

Do You Honor Past Warranty Cards?

Yes, if you have one of our styles and an old warranty card before we started the half price replacement we still honor it!

When you submit a warranty with one of our old warranty cards, follow the instructions on the card. When we replace you style, we will provide you with a new warranty card.

Does the Warranty Cover Lost?

No, the warranty doesn't cover lost or stolen sunglasses. The best joking way I explain in person "we need the broken pair back for the warranty, losing the sunglasses helps keeps us in business."

Purchased New Sunglasses But There's a Defect or Scratch?

No problem, we will exchange our sunglasses at no cost within 14 days of purchase, whether you bought them from us in person, or online through our website or social media, we got you covered.


Great experience! I would buy from this company again!

K. Kims March 12, 2023

Great customer service! Very polite and helpful! Nice to have this!!

M. Thomas Feb 12, 2023

Love the fact about the guarantee on cracked or broken glasses

B. Himelspach June 16, 2021